Deals in : Rebar, Structure, Billet, Blooms, Angle, Channel, Wire Rod, Pig Iron
and Alloys Steels Rounds, Billets & Squares, M.S. Rounds & Special Steel Round,
Billets & Squares
    Mfrs. of : Heavy Steel Casting (upto 40 Ton in Single Piece), Billets, Forging Ingot,
M.S. Ingot and Adamite & SGI Rolls
    A Casting unit for Moulds, Bottom Plates, Slab Boxes, Rolling Mills,
Cuplines or any other type of Casting items
    Mfrs. of : Alloy Steels, Shafts, Rolling Mills Rolls, Crank Shafts, Forging Blocks,
    Mfrs. of : Bars & Flats