At Narain Group, you will only find quality control at its best .The units are technologically very advanced by using the latest equipments for testing. It Utilizes a wide range of modern steel manufacturing techniques and accurate melting statistics along with stringent monitoring processes. It is a constant effort of the group to procure the latest machines for testing facilities an intensive research and development is taken care of to give better product to the end user.

The state-of-the art machinery provides the Group with the capacity and flexibility to produce everything from unalloyed constructional steels to the highest alloyed tool steels.

Cutting edge equipments like Spectrometers, Ultrasonic Testers, Universal Testing Machines, Thermo Couple with Recorder, Micro structure Lab, Hardness Testers, Wel Labs for Chemical Testing. Physical Testing and Radioactivity Testing Machines, Metallurgical Microscope, Tensile Testing Machine, Sand Testing Equipment, Ferro Lab, enable the hawk eyed professionals to strictly monitor each outcome, in ensure that the products always exceed customer's expectations.